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A portfolio that features a group of B2B/affiliate platforms
with small businesses, start-ups, and/or promising social enterprises.


Cory Roberson, Managing Director

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Cory runs a portfolio of companies including: RIA and SoCap brands

As a social entrepreneur, he has travelled to more than thirty countries from China to Brazil to participate in teaching English programs, volunteer projects, speaking engagements, and business plan competitions. These activities are run through his mission work,SoCap Missions, a collective geared toward providing social (or financial capital) to social enterpreneurs around the world. Starting in January 2017, he financially supports organizations, such as Isithumba Community Foundation in S. Africa, whom he volunteered with last year.

In 2014, Cory wrote his first book titled, “From Student to Entrepreneur: Making the Transition to Business” to help students deal with the challenges of growing up into student debt and making career choices.” Occasionally, he provides mentoring to young adults based on topics from the book.

As an investor, he invests in early/mid stage startups, small businesses, and real estate through active or passive platforms. A portion of returns go back towards work with SoCap Missions. Cory regularly takes online courses taught by the University Of Pennsylvania- Wharton School (via Coursera). His lastest coursework includes: a (1) Social Entrepreneurship certification program and (2) Predictive/Customer Analytics.

He received his degree in Political Science from the University of California, Davis.


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